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C3 Corvette - 1978 to 1982 - Part 2

Corvette recived it's first major styling change, short of the urethane bumpers in 1973/74, with the addition of a rear window, patterning the 1963-67 C2 cars. When introduced, a Corvette was once again on the cover of "Car and Driver" magazine proclaiming "Fast is Back."

During the second phase of the third generation Corvette, horsepower continued to creep up, climaxing at 230 hp in 1980, with the final C3s delivering 200 fuel injected horsepower. Lighter body panels, and a fibreglass rear leaf spring replaced the heavy steel unit during this phase. Spoilers, both added on and integrated appeared. Four speeds vanished after this generation as did the mighty L82. Californians were left without the prime merchandise and even rewarded with a lwss than might 305 cubic inch v8, the smallest engine to rest between the frame rails since 1961. Corvette turned Twenty-Five and ended the run with a now in vogue "Collector Edition" series.

It was during the last five years of the C3 generation, that Corvette would make gentle preparations to move to the all-conquering C4. Performance was on it's way back as GM was able to come to grips with ways to build cleaner cars while getting some of the lost performance back. The tired old 'Mako Shark" was charged with keeping the embers smolderig until the next generation of Corvette could reignite the flame.

These indeed, were memorable cars.

1978 - Fast(is)Back!
1979 - Best Seller
1980 - Mid Life Crisis - Time to trim up
1981 - Good-bye St. Louis, Hello Bowling Green!
1982 - Collector Edition and Cross-Fire Injection

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